Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We Can Do This!

I bet many of you can sense that we are entering into a more stable part of the cancer journey by the lack of blog entries. When I started this blog I think I was doing daily entries to try and let folks know what was going on while at the same time trying to keep my own sanity/stability.

Yesterday on our walk Sabine mentioned again that "we can do this!" This was encouraging and really captured the point we are at right now. While energy levels are down and we must continue to monitor the danger of infections there appears to be a certain stability -- a certain knowing of where we are right now -- and, yes, we CAN do this!

Our first overnight to Milwaukee was a big venture and it went well. Between dialysis sessions we have some flexibility (and the future possibility of home dialysis is very encouraging to Sabine -- even if her kidneys don't come back.

Sabine even registered for a 10 mile bike ride yesterday -- despite her low hemoglobin she feels she can get back on the bike this year. All this, with some resistance exercise at Curve, has strengthened not only her body but her resolve. Yes, we can do this. It is not the course we would have chosen if we were asked, but this can be done. The Velcade + dexamethasone is still working and appears to be knocking down the cancer cells as we start our third round with Velcade.

We had a prolonged chemotherapy session on Monday (a major backup at the hospital) but did run into an officer from the PD we both knew who had been battling leukemia for the past year. We he had to say and what we had been experiencing were pretty similar. Friends and family matter. Life is more focused and precious. And considering the alternative, this is not bad!

So, thanks to all of you for the greetings, gifts and birthday cards. You continue to make both my and Sabine's day! Love and blessings to all.