Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Walk after Round Four

[I have had some trouble posting the pictures with this blog. It's now Monday morning and I have access to the highspeed internet computer at the dialysis center -- so I hope these pics come through this time!]

Thursday morning, Sabine took her last shot of Velcade on this cycle of chemotherapy.
Round (#4) has now ended and she is still in there fighting.

(If you recall the cycles they go like this: Sabine has twice weekly IV injections of Velcade and takes dexamethasone one a week orally. This goes for a two week cycle and then she has a week off wherein she has a rest, has blood tests taken and then meets with her oncologist/hematologist the following week. This meeting will be on the 30th so keep up those prayers for some good numbers!)

I thought I would also enclose this picture taken from our north hill towards the "mound." You can see why the first settlers called this Blue Mound.Enjoy the spring -- we have had 60s weather but still some snow remains on the north side of our barn to remind us of the winter past.

We have included some pictures from our afternoon celebration walk on the north hilltop.On our walk, we found our first wildflowers on top of the south hill! We will have to get out our wildflower book and see what these delicate blossoms are! We think they are Rue Anemone -- a rare plant.

We saved our picking for Charlotte's blossoming flower garden and some beautiful daffodils. Sabine's mom, Charlotte, is well ahead of the wildflowers this year with her south-facing flower garden. It has already produced these wonderful daffodils now residing in our home!

Sabine has also been encouraged by the prospect of doing home dialysis in the near future. She would have to have surgery to put a "fistula" for dialysis purposes in her forearm. In about 6 months that fistula would be grown into her arm and covered by a layer of skin which would be punctured with a needle each time she did dialysis.Home dialysis is generally two hours a day, six days a week -- but you can travel with the suitcase size unit! Another good thing about home dialysis is that the person with that kind of fistula can actually go swimming and kayaking!
Sabine took a picture of me and Mocha.
I'm the one wit the feather!