Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snowy Saturday

From time to time I think the chemicals catch up with Sabine. I can't imagine what this is like -- having someone put poison into your body on a regular basis. But she holds up well and is always the positive thinker; and me, well most of you know me -- warily spying out the negative possibilities...

The nausea had been creeping up on Sabine and she is resting today. We were going to celebrate her mom's birthday today with Sarah and Josh coming over -- but Josh had two flat tires and Sarah had engine trouble. We will try and reschedule for next week.

This morning on my woodland walk with my trusty pooch, Mocha, I thought about my "warily spying out negative possibilities" and a poem fell into place...

like midnight baby-watching
of so long ago
i watch and listen
to you
your nighttime movements
is all ok? yes
regular breathing
no fever
i drift back to sleep
for another day
where you bring me
far more joy
than i you
you see my fearful watching waiting
perhaps these are the demons
with which our ancestors struggled
hope against resignation
trust over terror
they are no less real today
nor any less vulnerable
to the living God
whose name is constantly
on my lips

Two weeks ago it was in the 60s and the snow was fast melting.

This morning, on top of our hill, the snow clung to the trees and ground... reminding us that this is Wisconsin.

Our footbridge over the creek which marks our coming and going. No trolls beneath? See above!

Hope you all are having a great week. Thanks to those who continue to reach out and cover us with love and prayer.

Glancing up from my office this afternoon I see that all the snow has melted. An encouraging sign!
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