Wednesday, September 4, 2013


We got released from UW Hospital early yesterday afternoon and went home and did dialysis. All went relatively well (although I had to use a "sharp" needle on one of the buttonholes).

Sabine is still experiencing some arm pain (using Tylenol as the pain reliever but does have a more powerful painkiller standing by -- oxycodone). She is tough.

This morning's dialysis went well (no need for the sharp needles) but then I made a mistake (we have to tend to the four pin wounds in her arm and hand) and she got an extra dose of saline solution in the dialysis process before we corrected the error. But all ended well.

Now we are tracing down the surgeon (or anyone?) who can give us some info that should have been in her discharge papers. Like how much wound drainage is normal? They give us the hospitalist's phone number but when calling the hospital tells us that number is only available during an inpatient stay. (So why give us the number on the discharge papers?).

I also could not find the name of the orthopedic surgeon in the discharge papers. It seems foolish to say this" "Call your doctor or go to the ER if you have drainage or redness around pin sites..." That seems like an expensive way to answer an patient's question.

So we are winding up dialysis now and then going back down to UW Hospital to resume the chemo therapy cycle.

And, if I don't get a call back, we will ask the chemotherapy nurses what they think or go to the ER!

Nevertheless, dear friends, life is still good! And your prayers and God's presence, abundantly felt!

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