Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Energizer Bunny

That's us, spring camping in the Rockies -- circa 198os
Sabine was born on Easter Sunday and her family often called her "Bunny" in German (Haase?). So I have often thought of her over these cancer years as begining the Energizer Bunny of the battery commercials!  We celebrated our birthday last week (yes, we both were born on April 5 but in different years) and every birthday with cancer is a good birthday.

Sabine has been on chemotherapy with the oral drug, Revlimid, since November and it has steadily repressed the cancer and still is.  Something to be greatly thankful! (And on top of all that she continues to exercize each day and teach Sunday School!)

So we had a good birthday week with lots of contact from friends and family.

We drew blood for tests this week and will be seeing Dr Sheehan next week for the results. 

Summer is coming... and Sabine is looking forward to spending time on the farm and for another Couper family reunion which this summer will be houseboating on the Mississippi River!  Anchors aweigh!

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