Monday, April 18, 2011

The Chart

The "Numbers"
We see Dr Sheehan this coming Wednesday.  And since I usually get the lab results before we see him I have started making a chart of the cancer numbers as a "visual cancer aid."  This way I can see better what is going on. 

So, this month is a good return (#59).  Another depression in the cancer numbers (the amount of "free lambda light chains; those nasty proteins that have clogged up Sabine's kidneys and messed up her blood)!

To the left of the chart is the time after her stem cell transplant; then a climbing of the numbers to #133 and then the oral chemotherapy (Revlimid + Dexamethasone).

I think what is going on here is that Sabine needs to take enough of the chemo to repress the cancer but not so much as will destroy her blood chemistry.  For example, her hemoglobin is around 10 (normally 14 or so) and her platelets around 100 (normally 150+).

Meanwhile, Sabine keeps up her joyful spirit and exercises daily!  Life is still good!

And Resurrection Sunday is on the horizon -- and it is both a faith and life event for the two of us!

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