Sunday, August 16, 2009

We're back in town!

Well, we are just back and I thought I would put something up right away (full story of the adventurous trip to follow!!).


1. Sabine and I dancing at Many Glacier Lodge.

2. Andy Marks and I after our ascent of Swiftcurrent Mountain and fighting 50-60 mph winds! Whew!

3. We caught cut throat trout by the dozens at Avalanche Lake. I thought I was in New Zealand! Thanks to brother in law Ken for introducing me to this great sport!

4. On the westside of Glacier rests this little old mountain town called Polebridge. Good food and drink.

5. At Granite Chalet where unless you make a reservation a year in advance and hike up there and carry your own food and water, you are out of luck! Breathtaking view!

On top of this mountain Sabine celebrated her 100th day after transplant. We packed in a glass of wine and marked the day with a dehydrated "gourmet" meal.

6. Clowing around at one of the many absolutely awe-inspiring waterfalls in the park.

Okay that's it for now. We had some vascular problem with dialysis the last two days and after a short stop at some old friends from my Mpls PD days (Art and Grace Maxwell) we headed back to Wisconsin.

We had a number of med appointments this week -- Sabine's 100 day transplant checkup, some tests to see how the cancer responded to the transplant and meeting with our dialysis support staff. We are fearful that Sabine may need to have another procedure to open up the veins around her catheter (we had some high arterial pressures at the end of our trip).

We hiked just short of 40 miles during our time in Glacier. Sabine was fantastic (of course I know that!).

For more pics see our album on the Picassa Web:

Love to all of you.

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