Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting Closer

Suddenly, Highway 2 disappeared! We were down to a single lane dirt road for about 20 miles outside of Williston.

As I mentioned, our first night was at Sabine's brother's place near Fargo. Then at the Lewis and Clark (and Sacajewea) State Park near Williston, ND. The next night was spent at a Native Casino Hotel and RV park in Glasgow, MT (Sabine actually won 25 cents and a free drink after playing for over an hour -- Me? Never mind!).

We took an hour-long walk this morning to stretch our legs around Glasgow and then headed west again (and into the wind -- again) toward Havre, MT. I can't wait for my drive back to Wisconsin as I am sure we will then have a tailwind -- 50 mpg? Possible!

We are now settled in for our second day of dialysis at a little shaded RV park 4 miles outside Havre (which also has wireless internet connections for campers -- and, thus, this blog today while we wash Sabine's blood)!

Tomorrow, we will get even closer to Glacier by settling into Cutbank for a couple of days. Fishing? Perhaps.

I am ready for Glacier -- as soon as I read "Night of the Grizzly" I ordered a can of MAGNUM BEAR SPRAY from REI. Will it work? I don't know, but it sure will make me feel better.

Westward Ho the wagon!

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