Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Weekend

Some weekends are best when nothing is precisely planned... A weekend of just "hanging out!"

So Sabine, Mocha and I headed a little south to the Mineral Point Art Fair, checked out some pottery, had "pasty" to go and sat on one of the benches downtown and enjoyed the warm sun and the people.

Afterwards, we drove up to Governor Dodge State Park and checked out Stephens Falls. (I was there two weeks ago for Grandson Ben's "Manhood Initiation Rite" to celebrate his 13th birthday (you can see more of that at: This is a beautiful place that was etched into a canyon and waterfall (probably after the ice age).

Our next stop was Global Village just south of Spring Green and west of Taliesin on County Highway C. We heard about this event and thought it would be interesting.

Marion, from Global Village, has been visiting Indonesia for over 30 years. She persuaded an Indonesian band and dancers to come up to Wisconsin from Chicago. It was beautiful! We had dances from Bali and Java and authentic Indonesian music with three gamelans (a xylophone-like instrument), drums and gongs.

I, unfortunately, expired my camera battery before I had a chance to take a picture of the dancers (but I found one on the internet that was very similar to what we saw!).

As we drove home, we were overwhelmed by the cultural opportunities in this area of rural Wisconsin -- and it's not even Madison!

On Sunday, I "supplied" at St Mary's Episcopal Church in Dousman -- a lively congregation!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we consult with Sabine's oncologist/hematologist on October 29th!
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