Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn in Blue Mounds

This past week has been wonderful both weather and activity-wise. Sabine's niece, Meg Lobitz, came for a visit. Meg lives in the Chicago area and is a veterinarian. It was great to see her and connect with the Lobitz side of the family (Meg is Sabine's brother, Rainer's daughter).

Home dialysis continues to go well and we are looking forward to doing some traveling this winter.

Next week we take our lab tests in preparation for our meeting with Dr Sheehan the following week. We still need positive thoughts/prayers for the continued repression of Sabine's cancer.

It was also the kind of week which inspired us as we watched the magnificent fall colors come to our Blue Mounds.

It was also time for a poem...

each day

we visit

our great cathedral

its gothic arches

golden autumnal branches

its nave

the lengthy trodded path

carpeted with leafy reds, golds and umbers

its high altar

the limestone outcropping

we call eucharistic rock

its baptistery

the gurgling brook

yes each day

we enter God’s temple

an angelic choir

of chirping choruses

of hues and shadows

mixed sparkling light

as we stand on the cliff

praising god

from whom all blessings flow

Thanks and blessings to all of you from the two of us still on the front lines.... still "battle buddies!"

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