Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We think we have success!

Yesterday, we arrived at the UW Hospital bright and early. We talked with the anesthesiologist about Sabine's nausea problems when we were here last time and he made some corrections.

The surgery took about an hour and when I talked with Dr Becker she was excited about finding a good vein near Sabine's wrist and being able to make a good "hookup." (That means we woill not have to have another surgery if this one is successful!).

We checked the bruit (pulse) before we left the hospital and it sounded strong. I checked it a few hours later and at bedtime and it still was pounding away.

The key came this morning. I somewhat hesitantly reached for the stethoscope and listened to her wrist -- aha! There it was -- a strong bruit!

We took a walk this afternoon in one of our parks in Mazomanie and ran across this beautiful stream. Sabine has a sling to stabilize her arm so that we do not disturb Dr Becker's fine work.

Thanks so much for all your concern, support, good thoughts and prayers!

It's a good week....

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