Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Enjoying the Reprieve...

For about the last ten years we have joined the Chesneys at their family digs on a beautiful lake near Iron River in northern Wisconsin. We thought last year was to be our last... But then the amazing grace of a summer without chemotherapy and a healthier wife.

Sabine has just purchased the winning ticket for that John Deere tractor next to her... or so she thought! We are at a little weekend fest at Cable which is a little south of Iron River.
Ted and Barb have this nice hot tub overlooking the lake and after a good period of exercise, the best place to put yourself with another cup of coffee.
We first met Velasarios Karacostas ("Vel") when we first went to Haiti -- it was a little strange, this psychiatrist doing internal medicine... he did remind us that he was an M.D. and did go to medical school!

We have followed Vel's exploits over the years and secretly wanted to get him married off (there was that nurse in Haiti who really took a liking to him). But last year, Vel brought Claudia and we all fell in love with her, too.

Sabine and I couldn't make the wedding in Cincinatti where they live nor could we make the traditional orthodox wedding in Greece. So this weekend we had small wedding reception for Vel and Claudia and wished them the kind of love that we had! We hope it's catching!
Vel and Claudia showed us pictures of their wedding while we lounged on the couch with Ted and Barb.

On Sunday, we all took a pontoon boat ride and basked in the sun and beautiful fall colors.

We left on Sunday afternoon and returned to Mazomanie for dialysis. (oh yes, the verb is "dial-ize" -- thanks, Vel!).

We have greatly enjoyed the wonderful summer chemotherapy intermission. The home dialysis is going well and Sabine's health is more than I ever thought it would be -- thanks to prayer, good medical providers, and exercise!

Here's poem for fall:

rainy sunny morning wood-walk
fragrant aromatic leaves
kaleidoscopic umbers
cack-cawing blackbirds
a miniature toad hops across the trail
it is good
this life we have
our hands
entwined together
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