Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Could Spring Be Just Ahead?

On Monday of this week we went into UW Hospital for what was to be 16 hour infusion of the new immunotherapy drug that is the mainstay of the new treatment regimen. The good news is that we got out of there in only 12 hours -- and no side effects to speak of. (The long infusion rate is to closely monitor Sabine's reaction to the new drug.

We go back tomorrow for a short sub-cutaneous injection of Velcade (plus a lot of oral dexamethasone).

We do this routine for three weeks and then check on the results.

In the meantime, home dialysis is going well and we are back in our special room as Sabine has become more mobile now. She is in her 5th week of OT and PT and healing.

This morning she put on her Yak-Tracks (crampons) and WALKED up the hill to Buddy's house! A great achievement -- no walker, no cane!

Josh, Rachel and Alex have moved into Buddy's place and provide peace of mind so Sabine and I don't worry quite as much about her. I guess it would be safe to say that Buddy is "winding down" as she approaches her 93rd year. The donkeys have gone to a neighbor's place and her memory is very short-term, sleeping a lot, but up once and a will to hold baby Alex and even to join them for dinner.

The weather of course has been insane. Rain, slush, freezing, re-freezing and swinging temperatures. I think of spring and boating but know it is some weeks away.

I have a great class of seniors at the University. We are engaging in building a class together on "Police Leadership in Changing Times," A most current and relevant topic.

Peace and thanks for your concerns, thoughts and prayers.

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