Wednesday, December 24, 2014

CRACK! Just What I Feared!

Never a dull moment around here. After Sabine's fall and ER run on Saturday morning (and the ER doc's reading of her hip X-ray as "no fracture) we thought we were pretty lucky. However, Sabine's leg pain persisted (even with a walker and plenty of rest) so that I took her to her primary care clinic yesterday afternoon following our appointment with Dr Sheehan our oncologist (who also suggested we take another look at the hip).

Suspicions confirmed. Sabine has a cracked femur near the ball joint of her right hip. Prognosis? Bed rest and no unnecessary movement.

So I will be moving all the dialysis equipment from Buddy's house down to ours. We will set up our dialysis clinic in the living room!

We have an orthopedic visit to UW clinics the first week in January.

Time to think healing and, I'm afraid, no dancing on New Year's Eve!

Time to reset for a "new normal" and simply be grateful the damage was not greater and also to note that we are beginning our 8th year of fighting cancer.

This day of Christmas Eve we count our blessings (instead of sheep!).

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