Monday, July 22, 2013

The Chemical Life

With Sabine at the Mallard's game -- 38 of us!

Some of the cyclists assemble before their ride --
the weekend theme: "Life's a Sweet Ride!"

Daughter Sarah, Sabine, Niece Teak, and Daughter Catherine
at the Ridgeway Station,

The families assemble!As I was expecting (with the rise in the "numbers" last month), Dr Sheehan has Sabine back on a heavier dose of chemo (Velcade + Dexamethasone) for the next month. In the past, Sabine has been very responsive to this drug combination and we will see how it goes.

We had a wonderful joint birthday celebration on July 6 which brought family and friends together from near and far. It was a joyful time for both of us as our birthdays fall on the same day. You are probably thinking, "At least with the same day you should never forget your spouse's birthday." Well, not quite, but that's another story.

We have had to cancel some summer vacation plans but we intend to do shorter day trips so that we are in the general area during the chemotherapy. In the past, we have worked together as a team, adjusted our schedules, and grieved together when it didn't work out the way we wished. We will continue to do so.

Enjoy the summer. Life is still good!

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