Thursday, February 21, 2013

Six More Weeks

As many of you know, Sabine has been off chemotherapy for the past six weeks. Sabine recently remembered the "five year" statement by Dr Sheehan early in our cancer fight. January 16, 2013 was the five-year anniversary and her "expiration date," which, thanks be to God, has now been exceeded!

Yesterday, we saw Dr Sheehan and reviewed her "numbers." They had risen somewhat during the past six weeks, but not, we were told, "significantly." Thus -- SIX MORE WEEKS OFF!

For my sake, Sabine pressed Dr Sheehan for another "expiration date" (more for my sake than hers!) and with the advent of a couple of new drugs like Velcade (bortezomib) that has worked well against Sabine's blood cancer. "At least two more years," he said.

So, my goal is to beat that date: February 20, 2015!

And we are so thankful for our family, friends, and church friends who have so diligently kept Sabine in both thought and prayer!


  1. Sabine and David, such great news. Our thoughts are working. We'll keep it up for well beyond the 2 years !!

    My daughter, Kathleen Ryan, and son Everett (6)-named after Richard Everett Ryan and Everett Couper--are coming to Madison for the Canoe exposition this coming weekend. Will you be there? She would like to try to meet with you. Let me know,
    Once again, we will keep the positive thoughts heading your way.

  2. Toni, great to hear from you -- do I have your address? Did you get our Christmas Newsletter and invite to our big party at our farm on July 6? And, yes, please have them call me and we will try and connect. My cell phone is 608-444-7207. Blessings!