Monday, April 16, 2012

Updates -- Long time, no hear!

A silent blog for me is a good blog.

Sabine and I were recently interviewed along with some of our dialysis support group members last week.

Things have been going well this summer (again) with Sabine being off chemo while Dr Sheehan watches the cancer growth.

Almost miraculously her cancer "numbers" didn't rise much this past month. (Sabine thinks it was a lab error!)

But I choose to be hopeful that maybe this nasty stuff is being harnessed!

We'll see as we meet with Dr Sheehan this coming Wednesday.

Sadly, a friend in our cancer support group died last Sunday. His name is Gil. Please keep him and his wife in your prayers. He was a kind and gentle man who will be deeply missed. He was a retired elementary school teacher.

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