Monday, November 14, 2011

Riding the Rails

A journey to see daughter Yumi who, after returning from Afghanistan, is now studying to be an Army social worker in San Antonio at the Army Graduate School.

So, with another cancer blood test coming up next month (and the strong possibility of going back to a regimen of chemotherapy, we decided to jump on the train with our dialysis equipment and head out to sunny San Antonio.

Relaxing in the top bunk on the Amtrak train.

Ever the writer...

Worshiping with Yumi and Rees at their church,
St Mark's Episcopal in downtown S.A.

Sabine, Rees, Yumi and me outside of St Marks.

Lunch after church with Yumi and friends, Jane and Mike.
The morning "blood washing." After that, we headed out
to the Riverwalk downtown. Maybe some tamales?

One of the problems I have it hitting that vein when Sabine's arm is
in a  different position than I am used to at home... sometimes
I have to make numerous "sticks." Ugh.

We arrived after about 20+ hours on the train (we had a compartment so we could dialyze on the way back (I will report on how that went!). But in the meantime we do our daily exercise, dialyze in our hotel room, visit with Yumi and her beau, Rees, and explore the city.

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