Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring has FINALLY arrived!

This has been a cold and dreary spring until this week. Eighty degrees and sun!  Our old bones are moving again as we hike the trails, do yard work, and bring out the lawn furniture and get the pool ready.

Sabine has been tired (but she is not slowing down!) with this chemo regimen.  We are taking blood this week in anticipation of our meet with Dr Sheehan next week.  We are hoping and praying that those nasty proteins are being diminished and that Sabine's blood chemistry withstands the chemical assault.  It's a balance between killing off the cancer and preserving her blood chemistry.

All in all, things are stable.  Life (so far) is good!

Here are some spring pics:

Napping poolside in the screen house with our trusty companion, Mocha

Dinner and a night in Chicago

Spring has come to New Journey Farm, flowers and our creek in the background.

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