Saturday, January 8, 2011

Update 2011

It's been a while since I have posted.  As you know, "no news is good news!" (At least in my blogging life).  Dialysis has gone well for us and we are encouraged by Sabine's reponse to the chemotherapy.  It is deep and cold winter here in Wisconsin and we now are looking south for our annual "run to the sun" for a few weeks to thaw out and help us get through the rest of our winter.

We take blood for the cancer test on Monday and then see Dr Sheehan again on the 19th -- just before we head south (that is if all goes well!).

Christmas is now past -- the Feast of the Epiphany was on Thursday and that means the days are getting longer and the light shines out more powerfully (linking Christian theology with the natural world!).

Sabine and I wish you all a blessed New Year.  We are anticipating an great new year in 2011 -- we hope you will join us as a people of hope!

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