Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chemotherapy Begins Again

Let me begin by wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite battling cancer, we have much to be thankful!

In Dr Sheehan's office with an early Christmas celebration!
Now onto the news:  For twelve weeks now we have been watching the cancer numbers slowly rise.  We met with Dr Sheehan yesterday and we decided the best course of action now was to launch another offensive against the cancer. 

So, starting next week, Sabine will begin to take an oral chemotherapy regimen of Revlimid and Dexamethasone.  We will do blood work in two weeks to check for negative effects on her blood chemistry and report back to Dr Sheehan two weeks after this.

While this is a setback, we are thankful that we have a number of "arrows" in our quiver to fight cancer.  Thankfully, Revilmid is one of them.  And we even have a few more if Sabine's cancer becomes resistant to Revilmid.

I will be watching out for any negative physical side effects as we go forward.

Yesterday, we held our family Thanksgiving-Christmas celebration which was originally schedule to coincide with daughter Yumi's leave from Afghanistan.  But due to Matt's death, she had to come home early and missed today's celebration.  But we all held her in our thoughts and prayers as we came together around the family table and gave thanks for the love and restoration we have all experienced this year!

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