Thursday, June 17, 2010

Post-Transplant Life

Wow!  It's been almost a month since my last post!  And I know what that means -- it means life is good without cancer staring us in the face everyday.  A year has passed since the transplant and we are reaping the rewards of our nation's commitment to science and research.  It is a blessing and a demonstration of how God works through his people.

Home hemodialysis is going well (using fewer needles each week) and we are down to four bags of dialysate solution which means the dialysis procedure is going well and that cuts 30 minutes off the daily "blood washing."

Sabine loves our Wisconsin summers and we have just hosted a number of family members at our farm and have greatly enjoyed our newly constructed screen house (where I can be found most afternoons napping!).

We continue to worry about out children (isn't that part of parenting?  Even as they approach middle age?) -- daughter Yumi is serving with the US Army in Afghanistan in the northern region and is serving as a logistics officer to the Afghani police (an assignment which greatly worries us).

Nevertheless, we are both hopeful and prayerful people and know that all things will eventually work for the best.

You may not hear much from me this summer and this is, to me, a good thing!


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