Friday, April 30, 2010

How Come I'm Not Perfect?

Yikes!  I have had two days of misery trying to connect (cannulate) Sabine's fistula so that we can wash her blood (hemodialysis).  I have spent nearly an hour each day trying to access her fistula and for about an HOUR of multiple "sticks" no luck.

This is problem-solving par excellence!  I do what I think is the very same thing every day and some days it works and some days it does not (at least for a while).  We haven't been completely shut out, though I have called the dialysis center for help and consulation -- we have not had to abandon the treatment and drive to the center in Madison (at least yet!).

So, I am begining to realize (again) I am not perfect.  I was I was.  But it just ain't the way life is.

God must be teaching me a lesson.  Maybe that's it.  And also teaching me the importance of patience.

For this, O Lord, I pray....

Some photos which, more than words, express what happened this morning.  The "trash" and then, finally, a good "connection" and blood run!

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