Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thinking sun and sand

We continue our thrice-weekly visits to the dialysis center in Madison in preparation for developing a working access point in Sabine's arm (eliminating the catheter in her neck) for our home dialysis.

Veins must be tricky things -- the staff here at the center has had troubling finding and accessing the vein connection in Sabine's arm which has resulted in multiple "sticks" with large gauge needles!

However, we are seeing some progress and when we return from our Florida trip (which begins EARLY next Wednesday morning) in the first week in February, I will be learning to take over as the primary "sticker" which will eventually turn into two points (buttonholes) that can be accessed by a blunt needle and, hopefully, less pain and anxiety producing.

We are looking forward to seeing both kids and grandkids in Florida. We will be outfitting our slide-in camper again as a mobile dialysis station to serve us on the road!

Again, this is has been a stable time for the cancer since the transplant last spring. We will see Dr Sheehan and review her tests when we get back to Wisconsin. So far, so good.

Love and blessings from both of us!

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