Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So far... so good!

Sabine had her third surgery yesterday to try and make a hook-up for a fistula which would permit better and safer access for hemodialysis.

The surgery went well and Dr Becker was encouraged. This is probably our last attempt and we will, instead, stay with the tunnel catheter. While it is not the best connection it will be better than trying an implanted graft which could easily clog up like the other connections we have attempted.

This picture is a shot of our friend, Adrian Ward, who visited us from Scotland a couple of weeks ago. Adrian is also a retired "copper."

Sabine is in good spirits and looking forward to Thanksgiving and then some vacation time for the first two weeks of December. We are just about to take a nice walk with Mocha around our little lake in Mazomanie.

Again, we thank all of you who continue to hope and pray with us. It is hard to believe that a year has almost passed by since our diagnosis! We are thankful for the time we have -- we try and live everyday to its fullest -- but then shouldn't all of us do that all of the time?